Ivy4GoodIvy College is committed to making a difference to the community in a meaningful and positive way. As a team, we want to drive sustainable change and empower our employees to individually make a difference.

To deliver on this promise, Ivy College became a 1:1:1 company in February 2015 –

What does 1:1:1 mean?

It means as an organisation Ivy College is committed to the initiative of contributing:

  • 1% of company Profit to charity
  • 1% of company Product in the form of scholarships
  • 1% of company People – each Ivy staff member will volunteer four days per year

Ivy has partnered with Goodcompany, Australia’s leading skilled volunteer matching website that together now supports over 1500 of Australia’s most respected charities.

With access to this many charities, the Ivy College staff can select a cause that means something to them and offer to volunteer their time or donate money to make a difference. The Ivy Team will also look to volunteer throughout the year at various events and charity days.

We truly believe this small step will make a big difference.

You can follow Ivy College’s efforts to support our local communities via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

If you would like to join the Ivy College Team, please head to our Careers page on LinkedIn.