10 tips for applying lipstick

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Hi Ivy beauties,

As the seasons change we love mixing up our lipstick shades. From berry hues to natural nudes, fiery reds to classic corals, the perfect lipstick can be the cherry on top to your look. Here are 10 tips on how to apply lipstick and how to make sure those bold lips make a statement all day.

1) Start with a clean lip

The first secret to a long lasting wear is to gently exfoliate any dry skin by lightly rubbing your lips with a damp washcloth.

2) Know your formulas

Do your research and know your formulas! Matte can be long-lasting, but may dry out your lips. Creamy formulas are hydrating, but may not last as long, and long-wearing formulas are more comfortable than they used to be. Experiment!

10 tips for applying lipstick

3) To intensify a colour, try lip pencil

Lining your lips neutralises their natural pinkness so that the lipstick will be more opaque and closer to the colour in the tube.

4) A brush will help lipstick last longer

Take the extra time to apply lipstick with a brush in the morning, or before a night on the town. Doing so will assist in making the colour last.

applying lipstick

5) Blot the right way

Blot in between applications by gently pressing a tissue to your lips. Be careful not to put the tissue in between your lip and try not to press down too hard. Doing so will make your lipstick wear off unevenly.

6) Don’t get lipstick on your teeth

One of the more embarrassing faux pas, is lipstick on the teeth. Avoid the situation by putting your finger in your mouth and gently closing your lips around it, then pull it out. This will take excess lipstick from the inside of your lips so it won’t end up plastered on your teeth.

7) A dab of highlighter will enhance your cupid’s bow

The light reflecting particles will help draw attention to this pretty part of your mouth. You could also use a creamy concealer in the same spot to help define your lips.

How to apply lipstick

8) Top with gloss

The shine will help you make your pout look even plumper. If you don’t like the sticky feeling, just use a small drop in the middle of your bottom lip for a similar effect.

9) Don’t be afraid to go nude

The most flattering nude lipstick is one shade of deeper than your skin tone. Fair-skinned ladies should try a hue with a hint of pink and these with olive or dark skin will want to reach for a sandy beige.

Red lipstick

10) There really is a red for everyone 

To find the best hue for you, follow these guidelines! Fair skin looks best with a blue-red hue, olive skin is flattered by orange-red tones while dark skin looks best with a burgundy red!

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