Concealer 101: a guide to colour correcting

Concealer 101: a guide to colour correcting

Who hates waking up with a nasty, unwelcome blemish on their face? Umm… pretty much everyone. So let’s thank our lucky stars that concealer exists! For years, concealers have been the saving grace for people struggling to hide problem areas. Thanks to concealer, we’re able to hide everything from zits and dark circles to elaborate tattoos, as well as highlight cheekbones and eyes.

So we know that concealer is basically a beauty lovers magic stick but are you left feeling confused about colour correcting concealers? You’re not alone.

You’ve probably noticed that concealers are available in many different colours (green, purple, pink, yellow, white, etc.). Each shade has a specific issue they are best suited to conceal and understanding colour correcting concealers can be a total game changer.

Beauty is art

To master colour correction, you need to understand the basics of the colour wheel. The colour wheel is a handy guide to reference colour cancellations – that is, the colours directly opposite one another cancel each other out.

colour wheel

For instance, red is directly across from green on the colour wheel. The colour green will neutralise the colour red. This is why green concealer works best to cover red acne blemishes. As you look to conceal different skin blemishes, refer to your colour wheel for guidance.

Application tip:  Apply your foundation or tinted moisturiser first, that way you don’t have to use as much of the colour correctors as you would if you put them on your makeup-free face.


Colour correcting concealer guide

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