12 of the best-kept résumé secrets

resume secrets

It doesn’t take long to leave an impression: recruiters and hiring managers spend an average of 6 seconds reviewing a candidate’s résumé before they make an initial assessment, according to a study from the job-search website TheLadders.  6. SECONDS. With this in mind, you need to make sure your résumé is on point. Here are 12 of the best-kept resume secrets that will get you the best opportunity to land on the short-list for an interview.

1. Ensure that everything listed on your résumé correlates to the job that you are applying for.

2. Your résumé should include at least 5 keywords from the job description/job ad.

3. The font on your résumé should be easy to read and not too small (preferably size 12).

4. Your résumé should clearly show that you meet at least the minimum qualifications.

5. Your résumé should have a summary section at the very top that shows that you meet the requirements of the job.

6. Each bullet point on your résumé should start with a position action verb.

7. Correct verb tense should always be used. If it’s a past job, all verbs should be in past tense.

8. Your experience section should clearly detail results and accomplishments using numbers wherever possible as this makes your achievements measurable!

9. Your résumé should show how you have added value and solved problems at every company you list.

10. Your education section should be clearly formatted with your qualifications, work placement and or training listed.

11. There should be absolutely no spelling or grammatical errors in your résumé – this is your one and only first impression, make it a great one!

12. You should leave the reader wanting to know more about you and it should include something unique and memorable about you.

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About the Author: Nicole Schaerer

Nicole Schaerer is Ivy College’s vibrant Social and Content Manager. She has over 6 years experience in Marketing and holds qualifications in Social Science and Marketing. Nicole is a social media strategist and has a passion for writing and producing great content while also obsessing over a range of TV shows, celebrities and really cute photos of puppies on Instagram.


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