The best memes to get you through your studies


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The meme, or as we like to call them in the Ivy office, the “may-may”, is typically an image or gif overlayed with a humorous piece of text, then shared on the Internet. At Ivy, we love a good “may-may” to help us through the day. I mean, who wouldn’t, when majority of them include the likes of Ryan Gosling, Leo DiCaprio or everyone’s favourite cyber-pet Doge?!


So here we have compiled some of our favourite study themed memes. Hopefully, they will help you through your studies (in case you’re procrastinating right now reading this blog post) and you may even have a little giggle.



How could you ever be mad at this face though?

puppy meme

Friend – “Let’s hang out!”

Me –


We all do the Cha-cha sometimes, and that’s ok…


The afternoon nap…

And after your nap, Mr Gossling might motivate you to finish your assessment..

Ryan G


When your study snacks turn into a snaccident.. Now a commonly used word amongst Ivy staff – true story!


Dream big Ivyers!

pool noodle


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About the Author: Sally Muntz

Sally Muntz is Ivy College’s Marketing Executive. Graduating from University with a Bachelor of Media Arts and Production, Sally’s background is in Digital Marketing. With a passion for design, social media and content production, Sally loves spending her weekends exploring Sydney, lazing on the beach and informing everyone about it via Instagram updates. 

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