A day in the life of an Ivy student

One of the best things about studying online with Ivy College is the flexibility you have in your daily schedule. No enrolment periods, timetables or assignment deadlines mean that you can study wherever and whenever you want! VET FEE HELP is available to assist eligible students studying their diploma-level courses to pay their tuition fees.

Studying online with Ivy is a great way to further your education and improve your career options while balancing your work, family and home commitments. Whether you’re a parent who is juggling the kids and study, or you’re balancing full-time work and studying in the evenings, Ivy is here to support you around the clock. Here is a glimpse into a day in the life of an Ivy student.

A day in the life of an Ivy student


About the Author: Nicole Schaerer

Nicole Schaerer is Ivy College’s vibrant Content Marketing Executive. A young gun with a curious mind, she has over 4 years’ experience in Marketing. Holding a degree in Social Science and a Diploma of Marketing, she is always looking to learn something new. Nicole has a passion for writing and producing great content while also obsessing over TV shows, celebrities and really cute photos of puppies on Instagram.

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