Christie’s graduate story

Ivy Graduate- CHRISTIE

Meet Ivy Events Management Graduate Christie!

Christie spent her teen years watching The Hills and was inspired by characters such as Heidi and Audrina who were both event planners in their own right. Fast forward a few years and Christie still watches re-runs of The Hills however now she’s made her teenage dream a reality!  Acting on her growing passion for Events, Christie began studying Events with Ivy College, to get one step closer to achieving her dream job.

Christie took the time to share with us how she feels now she has completed her studies.

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“That’s right! I have officially completed my qualification in Events Management and I can’t even begin to describe the feeling that I have right now.
Actually, I can. Pride”.
Christie: Pride is the feeling. See, I was never a good “classroom learner”. I floated through school with “so much potential”, doing only the bare minimum required of me. I graduated with ‘good’ grades, but was never the one to apply myself, which is why I am proud that I did the one thing my lazy high-school self swore she would never do, and took up tertiary studies. The fact that I managed not only to self-motivate, but to 100% apply myself and put my heart and soul in to my work on top of everything else that I juggle makes me feel the most proud.
As Ivy College offer flexible online courses, I had the ability to fast-track through my course and complete my Diploma three months early. I feel so accomplished when I think about the leaps and bounds that I’ve made since school (or even since last year).
I also feel a lot of freedom now, since graduation, because my studies were so consuming over the past year considering I also worked full-time all the way. 
“I learnt a lot about myself during the course of my studies. I learnt that I’m far more motivated than I had ever imagined, I learnt that I really can do something when I put my mind to it, and I learnt that good things don’t come easy. You’ve got to work towards your dreams without fear of failure, because things only happen when you make them”.
Congrats on graduating Christie! You are a superstar and a real inspiration for other aspiring Event students. You demonstrate that with a bit of drive and focus, you can achieve your career goals. Check out Christie’s awesome blog ‘Christie’s take on life‘ for all things fashion, beauty, food and life.
Do you want to turn for passion for Events into your career? With Ivy’s flexible online courses, you can study with out having to sacrifice you current lifestyle.
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  1. Christie you have done so well, so very proud of you best wishes for an exciting future you are a perfect example of what can be done if one really try’s and puts their mind to it congratulations and tons of love xxxxxx

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